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New cryptocurrency, Boat Coin, aims to decentralize luxury yacht ownership. It seeks to introduce crypto assets that are backed by a particular real estate in the real world such as specific luxury yachts. 

This will create an exposure towards the luxury yacht market for crypto asset holders, such as rental charter income. However, the main benefit is, you can become a part owner of a luxury yacht for a fraction of the normal investment. 

ICO Details
Name:                                   Boat Coin
Supply:                                200,000,000
Platform:                              Ethereum
Category:                             Luxury Yachts
ICO Price:                            $0.20 Per Coin
Total ICO Value:                  $20,000,000
Name:                              Boat Coin
Supply:                           200,000,000
Platform:                         Ethereum
Category:                        Luxury Yachts
ICO Price:                       $0.20 Per Coin
Total ICO Value:             $20,000,000
Expected Uses
  •  Store Of Wealth: Just like Bitcoin, Boat Coin makes as a great store of wealth in the event of another banking crisis, especially as it's backed by Real Estate in the form of Luxury Yachts
  • Charter: The fact it can be used to charter yachts instantly and as more are signed up... then Globally
  • Boat Syndication: Ability to buy shares in boats globally, inexpensively to decentralize boat ownership and reshape the industry
Round 1 Now Open!!
$0.04 Cents (80% Discount To ICO Price)

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