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The Concept
Facebook and its continued breach of privacy of its user’s and its dumping of Cryptocurrency ads has many not only supporting the "delete Facebook" campaign but looking for a more secure and trusted social media platform.
Connect will focus on protecting users privacy using blockchain technology and also ensuring users can select how long there posts remain on the site before they automatically delete as opposed to Facebook that owns your content and posts forever making every post you ever made public property.
ICO Details
Name:                         Connect Coin 

Supply:                       200,000,000

Platform:                    Ethereum

Category:                  Social Media Platform
ICO Price:                  $1.00 Per Coin

Total ICO Value:        $200,000,000
Name: Connect Coin
Supply: 200,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Category: Social Media Platform
ICO Price: $1.00 Per Coin
Total ICO Value: $200,000,000
Expected Uses
  •  Advertising: The coin will be used to buy advertising on the platform.
  •  Products & Services: Connect coin can also be used to purchase products and subscriptions for premium services plus used for its "market place" as well.
  •  Store of wealth: Just like other cryptocurrencies, it can be traded on exchanges and/or converted to cash.
Millions already are seeking a new social media platform particularly one they can trust, that’s secure, doesn’t leave a permanent online presence and isn’t involved in censoring alternative news. The platform will also distinguish between what is a "true friend" versus what is "an associate" nor limit you to 5000. Thus, they have decided to launch a new social media platform using the blockchain technology and creating its own coin that will not only allow boosted posts on crypto and other industries, but also improve on Facebook’s many weaknesses.
They are under no false impression and understand that becoming as large as Facebook is unlikely. However, they also realise a media platform just 1% of the size of Facebook can create a multi-billion dollar company.
A company spokesperson said, “when Facebook started, it had no idea how to make money- nor did they even think they could. Starting now, we already have a proven business model to follow, but we can improve on many of Facebook’s weaknesses. Plus, we intend on sharing the future ad revenues with our content creators, i.e. the users.
Considering that the crypto industry’s combined market cap of $600-$800 billion is actually larger than Facebook’s $560 billion, Facebook could learn the lesson that it’s never a good idea to p*** off your customers.
Round 1 
Opens 27th March
$0.10 Cents (90% Below ICO Price)
Round 2 
Opens 25th April
$0.20 Cents (80% Below ICO Price)
Round 3 
Opens 15th May
$0.30 Cents (70% Below ICO Price)
ICO Round
Opens 15th June
$1.00 Cents
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